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L’araméen des manuscrits de la mer Morte. I. Grammaire

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2013.03.02 | Ursula Schattner-Rieser, L’araméen des manuscrits de la mer Morte. I. Grammaire. Instruments pour l’étude des langues de l’Orient ancien 5 (IELOA). Lausanne: Éditions du Zèbre, 2004. SFR45 / €33.00. pp. 180. ISBN 1422–7436; 5; ISBN 2–940351–03–1.

Reviewed by Vasile Condrea, Durham University.

Many thanks go to Éditions du Zèbre for kindly providing us with a review copy.

This volume represents ‘l’ensemble des traits pertinents’ of a doctoral thesis written under the supervision of André Lemaire and Jean Margain at É.P.H.E.-Sorbonne/Paris. It has been previously reviewed by Ch. Grappe (RHPR 85 (2005), pp. 430-31), T. Muraoka (BO 63 (2006)), G. J. Brooke (JSNT 28 (2006), p. 142), E. Cook and E. Tigchelaar (JSJ 37 (2006), pp. 491-95), and T. Lim (ET 118 (2007), p. 249). Some reviews are more general (Brooke and Lim), while others present some critical remarks (Cook and Tigchelaar) with the addition that these ‘should not be taken to undermine this overall favorable assessment’ (Cook, p. 491). Read the rest of this entry »