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Les hymnes de la Résurrection II & III

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2015.05.11 | Charles Renoux. Les hymnes de la Résurrection II. Hymnographie liturgique géorgienne: texte des manuscrits Sinaï 40, 41 et 34: Introduction, traduction et notes. Patrologia Orientalis 231 (52.1); Turnhout: Brepols, 2010, 308 pp. ISBN 9782503541594.

Charles Renoux. Les hymnes de la Résurrection III. Hymnographie liturgique géorgienne: introduction, traduction et annotation des manuscrits Sinaï 26 et 20, et index analytique des trois volumes. Patrologia Orientalis 232 (52.2); Turnhout: Brepols, 2010, 124 pp.  (= pp. 309-432); ISBN 9782503541600.

Review by Ionuț Băncilă, Berlin.

Many thanks to Brepols Publishing for providing us with the review copies.

These two books are a sequel of a previous volume published by the author with Éditions de Cerf, Paris, in 2000 (references to the three volumes are made by indicating with roman numerals the volume and with arabic the page numbers).[1] Its aim is to offer a French translation of seven old Georgian manuscripts containing the oldest Hymns celebrating weekly the event of Christ s Resurrection. Read the rest of this entry »