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Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies ( is a peer-reviewed, online open-access publication (ISSN 2053-4329) that covers recent book-length contributions in the fields of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, 2nd Temple Judaism, New Testament, Early Christianity and Rabbinics.

We currently provide two different types of publication: reviews (of the traditional sort) and review articles, the latter being more substantial in length and critical engagement. We are also inviting literature reviews and conference reports.

Our reviews and review articles are:

Thoughtful and Engaging. We pride ourselves on our reviewers’ in-depth interactions with their books.

Timely and Relevant. The books we review are recently published and significant works in our respective fields.

For general guidelines, see here.


Kurtis Peters | Vancouver | kurtis.peters [ at ] | Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, Early Rabbinics

Madison N. Pierce | Western Theological Seminary | madison.pierce [at] | New Testament

Sarah Parkhouse | University of Manchester | sarah.parkhouse [ at ] | Early Christianity

Dan Batovici | KU Leuven | dan.batovici [ at ] | Managing Editor

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Potential new contributors are invited to contact the editors via email.

Former editors: Kerry LeeJustin A. Mihoc | Samuli Siikavirta — Thanks!

Publisher: Justin A. Mihoc | Durham, UK

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