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Romanian Septuagint Project, vol. 6/II: Iezekiel, Sousanna, Daniel, Bel and the Dragon

In Dan Batovici, Florica BECHET, Ioana COSTA, Polirom, Septuagint on November 9, 2010 at 4:18 pm

2010.11.07 | Septuaginta, vol. 6/II: Iezechiel, Suzana, Daniel, Bel și Balaurul, eds. C. Badiliță, F. Băltăceanu and M. Broșteanu with I.F. Florescu. Translation and notes by Florica Bechet and Ioana Costa. Bucharest / Iassy. NEC / Polirom, 2008. 565 p. ISBN 978-973-46-0886-7. Hardback.

Reviewed by Dan Batovici, University of St Andrews.

This is the pre-print version of the review published in Sacra Scripta 7.2 (2009), pp. 241-2. Read the rest of this entry »