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The 1st St Andrews Graduate Conference for Biblical and Early Christian Studies: Authoritative Texts and Reception History

In SEMINAR REPORTS, St Andrews on May 17, 2011 at 5:37 pm

With an emphasis on textual reception history, the first St Andrews Graduate Conference for Biblical and Early Christian Studies is aimed at graduate students and early career scholars.

Some details are offered here. The initial CfP is available here.

Authoritative Texts and Reception History

Aspects and Approaches. 15-16 June 2011

St Mary’s College, School of Divinity, University of St Andrews

Wednesday 15th June

9.00 am: Kristin de Troyer, On Reconstructing the History of the Biblical Text

Session 1

10.00: Steven Harvey (Durham), Who is (are) ‘your teacher(s)’?   Hearing the voice of the prophet in Isaiah 30:18-26

10.30: Mark Stirling (St Andrews), The Davidic Temple Builder: Zechariah 6:13-15 as neglected background to Ephesians 2:11-22

11.00: Ben Johnson (Durham), Reading Septuagintal Narrative Texts as Translated Narratives: 1 Reigns 16 as an Example

11.30: coffee/tea

12.00: Michael J. Thate (Durham), The Effusive Presence Memory, Performance and the People of God

12.00: Kerry Lee (Edinburgh), The Not Not Inglorious Death of Samson

1.00 pm: Lunch

2.00: N. T. Wright, Scripture and God’s Authority: Case Studies and Further Questions

Session 2

3.00: Martin G. Ruf (Utrecht), Elective affinities? Second Peter’s reception of Paul

3.30: Frederik Mulder (Radboud), The reception of Paul’s understanding of resurrection and eschatology in the Epistle to Rheginos: Faithful Paulinism, or further development?

4.00: Rebekah M. Devine (St Andrews), Made With Hands: The Gods of the Nations in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

4.30: coffee/tea

5.00: Moshe Blidstein (Oxford), Between Ritual and Moral Purity: Early Christian Views on Dietary Laws

5.30: Andrew Talbert (Nottingham), Poiesis, Aesthesis, and Catharsis: The Aesthetic Experience of Reading ‘the Day of the Lord’ with the Fathers

6.00: Michael A. Clark (Birmingham), The Catena of the Gospel of John by Nicetas of Heraclea

6.30: Drinks reception

Thursday 16th June

9:00 am: James Davila, Quotations from the Lost Books in the Hebrew Bible

Session 3

10.00:     David J. Larsen (St Andrews), After the Order of Melchizedek: Royal Themes and Melchizedek Traditions Applied to Jesus by the Author of Hebrews

10.30: Beniamin Pascut (Cambridge), Jesus and the Jewish Diviner: The Use and Misuse of 4QPrNbr

11.00: Albertina Oegema (Groningen), The Reception of Isa 40:15 in 4 Ezra, 2 Baruch and Pseudo-Philo

11.30: coffee/tea

12.00: Nicholas Ellis (Oxford), The Jobraham Narratives – A Synthetic Tradition of Trial and Faithfulness

12.30:     Fiona Kao (Cambridge), ‘Fear not this tormentor’: Maccabean Predecessors and Eusebian Martyrs

1.00 pm: lunch break

2.00: Mark W. Elliott, The promise and threat of “Reception”, with reference to patristic interpretation of texts in Hebrews and Ephesians

Session 4

3.00: Dan Batovici (St Andrews), Irenaeus’ Hermas

3.30: David L. Cann (KCL), The Holy Spirit in the Early Church: A search for the roots of the Trinitarian theology of the Holy Spirit

4.00: Marijana Vuković (CEU), Anonymous Late Antique Martyrdom Narratives: The Issues of Genre, Imitation, Narratological Patterns

4.30: coffee/tea

5.00: Justin A. Mihoc (Durham), The Reception and Interpretation of the Lucan Ascension of Christ in the Pre-Nicene Period

5.30: Kevin J. Haley (Notre Dame), Augustine’s Enarrationes and the Final Form of the Psalter

6.00: Drinks reception

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