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Feel free to contact us should you be interested in reviewing any recent academic book in biblical and early Christian studies. Although we normally place review requests with publishers when a book is assigned to a reviewer, a handful of books have gathered which are currently not assigned and are readily available:

Auwers J.-M., H.J. de Jonge (eds.) The Biblical Canons (BETL 163; Peeters 2003)

Batut, Jean-Pierre. Pantocrator. “Dieu le Père tout-puissant” dans la théologie prénicéenne (Collection des Etudes Augustiniennes/Serie Antiquite 189; Brepols 2009).

Bovon, F. New Testament and Christian Apocrypha (WUNT 237; Mohr 2009).

Campbell, C.R. Paul and Union with Christ (Zondervan 2012).

Canavan, R. Clothing the Body of Christ (WUNT 2/334; Mohr 2012).

Clivaz C., Zumstein J. (ed.) Reading New Testament Papyri in Context – Lire des papyrus du Nouveau Testament dans leur contexte (BETL 242; Peeters 2011)

Clivaz, C. et al. Infancy Gospels: Stories and Identities (WUNT 281; Mohr 2011).

Fanous, D. Taught by God: Making Sense of the Difficult Sayings of Jesus (Orthodox Research Institute 2010).

Gheorghita, R. The Role of the Septuagint in Hebrews (WUNT 2/160; Mohr 2003)

Gundry, S.N. & M.F. Bird (eds.), Four Views on the Apostle Paul (Counterpoints; Zondervan 2012).

Harmon, M. S. She Must and Shall Go Free: Paul’s Isaianic Gospel in Galatians (BZNW 168; De Gruyter 2010).

Herzer, J. Papyrologie und Exegese: Die Auslegung des Neuen Testaments im Licht der Papyri (WUNT 2/341; Mohr 2012).

Houghton, H.A.G./D.C. Parker (eds.). Textual Variation: Theological and Social Tendencies? (Texts and Studies 6; Gorgias 2008).

Konradt, M. Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew (Baylor-Mohr Siebeck Studies in Early Christianity; Baylor 2014).

Levinson, Jack. Inspired: The Holy Spirit and the Mind of Faith (Eerdmans 2013).

Meiser, M. Galater (NTP 9; V&R 2007).

Meiser, M. (ed.). The Torah in the Ethics of Paul (LNTS; Bloomsbury 2014).

Nicolet-Anderson, V. Constructing the Self (WUNT 2/324; Mohr 2012).

Paget, J.C. Jews, Christians and Jewish Christians in Antiquity (WUNT 251; Mohr 2010).

Pardee, N. The Genre and Development of the Didache: A Text-Linguistic Analysis (WUNT 2/339; Mohr 2012).

Rabens, V. The Holy Spirit and Ethics in Paul (WUNT 2/283; Mohr 2o13).

Roessli, J.M./Nicklas T. (eds.). Christian Apocrypha: Receptions of the New Testament in Ancient Christian Apocrypha (NTP 26; V&R 2014).

Schröter, J. (ed.) The Apocryphal Gospels within the Context of Early Christian Theology (BETL 260; Peeters 2013).

Spittler, J.E. Animals in the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles (WUNT 2/247; Mohr 2008)

Von Thaden jr., R.H. Sex, Christ, and Embodied Cognition (Emory Studies in Early Christianity 16; Deo 2012).

Verheyden, J. et al (eds.). Studies in the Gospel of John and Its Christology: Festschrift Gilbert Van Belle (BETL 265; Peeters 2014).

Wright, N.T. Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Fortress 2013).

Xeravits, G.G. / Nicklas, T. / Kalimi, I. (eds.), Scriptural Authority in Early Judaism and Ancient Christianity (DCLS 16; De Gruyter 2013).

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